Strong product presentation, more sales

Cliplister can maximise the reach of your products - and your sales figures.

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Product content presentation and distribution:
 Automated and secure

Cliplister makes content from rights holders available in external retail online outlets. Reliable technical operation is assured thanks to a highly efficient automated system.

The following content types are considered as the main drivers of sales conversion and are therefore highly relevant to a distributor via Cliplister:

Product photos
Energy efficiency labels
Data sheets
Product videos
360° views

The proven three-stage Cliplister system

Upload your product content with all associated product links.
Cliplister editors review and process your content and decide which channels are best suited to carry your product content.
Optimally edited product content is displayed item-by-item, automatically.

Unique E-commerce reach for your product content with over 30 million online users - in Germany alone

Centralised and secure solution for all content formats.
Automatic processing of all data formats for direct use in affiliated online shops.
Intelligent matching of content and product data.
Up-to-date content - immediate updating on all channels.
Full service editorial team available for substantive content checking and quality control.
Total control: Customer-defined individual blacklists and whitelists and control of availability by use of a simple on/off switch.

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